Larche - Pont-Rouge
Sunday 3 September 2023
1967 kms
Distance (km) 5 kms
Distance (time) 1 hrs
Climb / Descent 400m / 35m
Hard / Soft surface 90% / 10%
Weather 24° 1 Bft

So this is going to be the last year walking the GR5. Only 11 days walking separate us from Nice, the end point. As always, we take it easy the first day and so we parked the first car in Pont Rouge (a very narrow strip of tarmac which makes passing traffic coming ahead a puzzle) and the second car in Larche - yes, we brought both cars this time by lack of public transport in September. Most intervillage busses only run 1st weekend July until last weekend August. So it ended up a short walk, 1 hour 15 minutes, and then we drove back. From Larche we follow the tarmac road to the camping and beyond. Only a few 100 meters after the camping the GR5 temporary leaves the tarmac road to climb to the hamlet Maison-Méane from where we descend back to the tarmac road that we follow all the way to the Pont-Rouge parking. Nothing exciting, but it shaves 1.5 hours off tomorrow's stage.
Most of the afternoon we then use to drop 1 of the cars in Bousieyas, tomorrow's destination. Then the real walking starts with a 7 hours 15 km walk over a 2660m high pass.

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