Public Transport
The Vanoise

Around the Vanoise there are a couple of possibilities to use public transport. If you're walking the GR5 it should be possible to walk about half the days with just a day pack. If you walk the GR54 it is even possible to walk the full distance from Landry to Modane with only a daypack...but the price is some serious travelling times with public transport.

Basecamp in Nancroix
Landry - Rosuel - Tignes
  • Park the car early in the morning in Tignes-le-Lac
  • Bus T14 to the railway station of Bourg-Saint-Maurice
  • Train to Landry
  • Walk to Rosuel
  • Free shuttle to camping in Nancroix
  • Stay overnight at the camping
  • Free shuttle back to Rosuel
  • Walk to Tignes-le-Lac
  • Pick up car and drive back to Nancroix

  • GR5:
    Tignes-le-Lac - Col de l'Iseran
  • Park car in Val d'Isère
  • Bus T14 to Tignes-le-Lac
  • Walk to Val d'Isère
  • Walk to Col de l'Iseran
  • Be aware: at certain days there is a shuttle from the Iseran back to Val d'Isère. On other days you need to arrange transport yourself (taxi, hitchhiking)

  • Basecamp in Termignon
    Col de l'Iseran - Bessans
  • Park car in Bessans
  • Bus M11 to Bonneval-sur-Arc
  • To get to the Col de l'Iseran from this side you need a ride or a taxi. The bus (by reservation) only goes until Pont de l'Oulietta
  • Walk to Bessans

  • Bessans - Parking de Bellecombe
  • Bus to Bessans
  • Walk to Refuge de Vallonbrun or Refuge de Cuchet (unguarded - no facilities!)
  • Stay overnight in Refuge
  • Walk to Parking de Bellecombe
  • Free shuttle to Termignon

  • Parking de Bellecombe - Orgère/Polset
  • Free shuttle to Parking de Bellecombe
  • 3 days walk, overnight stays in for instance Refuge de l'Arpont and Refuge du Plan Sec
  • From Refuge de l'Orgère or Polset shuttle bus to Modane (by reservation)

  • GR55:
    Basecamp in Termignon
    Tignes-le-Lac - Entre Deux Eaux
  • From Termignon bus to Modane
  • From Modane train to Chambéry, step out in St.Pierre d'Albigny
  • From St.Pierre d'Albigny train to Bourg-Saint-Maurice
  • From Bourg-Saint-Maurice bus to Tignes-le-Lac
  • Overnight in Tignes (hotel, Airbnb)
  • Walk to Entre Deux Eaux
  • Shuttle bus to Parking de Bellecombe and from there to Termignon

  • Entre Deux Eaux - Polset
  • Shuttle to Parking de Bellecombe and Entre Deux Eaux
  • Now there are 2 options; in 2 days or in 3 days:
    1. 2 days:
      • Walk to Pralognan, stay overnight in for instance hotel
      • Walk to Polset (long day!)
    2. 3 days:
      • Walk to Refuge Les Bramettes and stay overnight there, or continue to Les Fontanettes and take the free shuttle to Pralognan and stay overnight there (2 nights).
      • Walk to for instance Les Prioux. If you stay in Pralognan: take free shuttle to Les Fontanettes, walk to Les Prioux and from there take free shuttle back to Pralognan
      • Walk from Les Prioux to Polset. When staying in Pralognan, first free shuttle from Pralognan to Les Prioux in the morning
  • Shuttle from van Polset to Modane (by reservation>

  • Orgère/Polset - Modane
  • Shuttle from Modane to Orgère or Polset (by reservation)
  • Walk to Modane