Public Transport
Maurienne - Ubaye

In this section the best connections are in the Queyras, but around Briançon there are still some possibilities. In the Queyras there are 2 bus services that are both done using busses of bus company ZOU:
  • The official (paid) buses of ZOU (lines S22 to S26) from railway station Montdauphin-Guillestre to Ville-Veille,Brunisard, Montviso, Ceillac, St.Veran.
  • The free buses that operate under the name "Navettes de l'Escarton" between Ville-Veille and Brunisard, Montviso, Ceillac, St.Veran.
  • Sometimes at the same bus stop both busses pass within 5 minutes to the same destination and both are done using buses of ZOU. But 1 is for free, and the other one will cost you 6 euro per person. Better ask the driver....

    Base camp in La Vachette
    Modane - Vallée Etroite - Vallée de la Clarée
  • Bus S1 (Serre-Chevalier - Modane) to railway station Modane
  • Walk to Les Granges de la Vallée Etroite with overnight stay in Valfréjus (Airbnb)
  • Shuttle bus (2 Euro pp one way) naar Pian del Colle in Italy. This bus is only in July and August from 9:00 to 18:00 every 30 minutes
  • From Pian del Colle free city bus (line 3) to Bardonnecchia centre. Line 3 is annual, but only in the ski season and in July/August it will bring you all the way to Pian del Colle.
  • Overnight stay in Bardonnechia (hotel)
  • City bus back to Pian del Colle + shuttle back to Les Granges
  • Walk to Plampinet
  • Until the summer of 2020 there was in July/August a bus in the weekends from Briançon to Roubion with a stop in Plampinet. In 2021 this bus was even daily, but in 2022 suddenly the bus ceased to exist, apparently because the 5-years contract between municpalities and bus company ended and was not renewed. Possibly this will be reinstated in the future. Search for bus company ZOU and the bus line between Briançon and Nevache and check if it goes in school holidays. We decided to grab a taxi from Plampinet to La Vachette....

  • Plampinet - Montgenèvre
  • Taxi to Plampinet (see remark on shuttle bus above)
  • Walk to Montgenèvre
  • Bus to La Vachette (ZOU line G and H to respectively Briançon and Serre-Chevalier)

  • Montgenèvre - Villard St.Pancrace
    Between the railway station in Briançon and Montgenèvre there are ZOU bus lines G and H, and betweenVillard St.Pancrace and the railway station ofn Briançon there is a city bus line 3 from bus company TUB (Transport Urbain Briançon). So from La Vachette it is possible to do today's stage just by busses, but ony the busses of both ZOU and TUB are rather irregular and do not connect very well at the railway station of Briançon/ So what we did is:
  • Park car at station Briançon
  • Bus G to Montgenèvre
  • Walk to Villard St.Pancrace
  • Bus 3 (direction Champs de Mars) to station Briançon
  • Car back to La Vachette

  • Base camp in Eygaliers
    Villard St.Pancrace - Brunissard
  • Park car near train station Montdauphin-Guillestre
  • Bus L29 (ZOU) to Briançon station
  • Bus line 3 (TUB) to Villard St.Pancrace
  • Walk to Brunissard
  • Bus S26 (ZOU) to Ville-Veille and change to bus S25 to station Montdauphin-Guillestre

  • Brunissard - Château-Queyras
  • Park car in Château-Queras
  • Free shuttle to Brunissard
  • Walk to Château-Queras

  • Château-Queras - Ceillac
  • Park car in Pied du Mézet (at Logis Hotel La Cascade, 2.5km out of Ceillac)
  • Free shuttle to Château-Queras
  • Walk to Ceillac and Pied du Mélezet

  • Move car to Barcelonnette and return to Ceillac:
  • Bus L30 (ZOU) from Barcelonnette to Gap
  • Bus L29 or the train from Gap direction Briançon, step out at station Montdauphin-Guillestre
  • Bus S24 to Ceillac

  • Ceillac - Maljasset - Fouillouse - Larche
  • Overnight stays in Ceillac, Maljasset and Fouillouse
  • From Larche there is once per day a free shuttle bus to Barcelonnette. Google for "navette" and "Ubaye"